Custom Latex Queen of Hearts Gown

Custom Latex Queen of Heart Dress
Custom Latex Queen of Hearts Gown
Custom Latex Queen of Hearts Gown
Custom Latex Queen of Hearts Gown

Known in the shop as “the fucking heart dress”, this custom latex dress provided some serious design challenges, but our customer was delighted with the final results, which should be referred to as the Latex Queen of Hearts Gown.

The gown was worn by Jezebel Blue for the Texas Latex Party this year.

One Reply to “Custom Latex Queen of Hearts Gown”

  1. This is a dress (known as the FUCKING HEART DRESS)…. the vision for it is from Jezebel Blue. From drawings and designs, The Baroness of New York was engaged to create this lovely vision.

    The manufacturing was beyond difficult as the sizing, laying, and manufacturing was very much more complicated than it may appear. The result is a garment which is classically fit and manifests in a marquis design and creation which greatly displays the quality and capability of the designer.

    I encourage all (men and women) who would relish the chance to have for themselves a creation that is unique and well made to take the leap and to engage quality designers/manufacturers, like the Baroness of New York!! Please feel free to contact either myself or Jezebel and we would be very happy to help you through the process and with recommendations

    Thank you Baroness for your heartfelt manifestations – every yours, Tiger & Jezabel

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