Alice in FetishLand!

Of late I find myself being involved with more and more art projects and this short film is my current one!

I’m producing a short (30 minute) film with Mrs G  (who just won Best Short Documentary in March at Cinekink!) We will be shooting about town and at my Fetish Retinue party for the next few months, and posting photos and short clips on my youtube channel and facebook pages. I’ll post updates and clips during filming, Like our page and follow our and Alices’ progress as she wonders through the fetish world of New York.

Alice was seeking adventure! Overwhelmed and disorientated in NYC, this out of towner, this little fish out of water, seeks refuge in a curious little shop in Greenwich Village. Aghast, she finds herself  in a den of iniquity! A shop of unwholesome items that both appall and intrigue her at the same time. Despite her being more and more curious, she departs the shop determined to remain a good girl through and through. Only once again, out in the wilds of NYC, she finds that what she once rejected can sometimes come to hold the strongest of attractions!

Follow young Alice as she is swept down a mysterious subway platform and into a world beyond her wildest imaginings and desires! Like pieces of a puzzle, Alice meets a colorful assortment of characters that all hold the key—not just to her returning home—but to opening a door to her becoming a new Alice altogether!

Sometimes the things we run from the hardest are just what we desired the most!

Alice’s Adventures in Fetishland!

Alice will never be the same, and neither will You!