A Tribute to Jezebel

Tiger has presented me with some of my favorite creative challenges over the years, many of which we’ve shared here. In December he lost a friend and muse, Jezebel, to cancer. Here are some thoughts he shared on FetLife:

I am selfishly for a moment sharing in this season of giving to all who read this the gift of confidence, encouragement, and compliments. Over the many years, The Baroness has bestowed upon me a truly amazing amount of patience, encouragement and quality with the various designs I have brought to her to make into reality. Yet again she has agreed to take on yet another project which has come forth from the madness of my mind….

So….. Why share this with all of you.?…… My blossom jezebelblue, who recently passed, celebrated life despite cancer. She never backed off . Nothing gave her more joy then creating fantasy garment designs, getting them made by a great designer like The Baroness. and then sharing them and encouraging others to do the same. From the “fucking heart dress”  to the “feathered harlot“.

Custom Couture Latex, Latex Clothing, NYC, New York City, Tourism, Travel, U.S., USA, United StatesTo honor this spirit, The Baroness has kindly agreed to create a new unique “Edwardian dressage” ensemble for a dear mutual friend (Kalliope) to celebrate Jez’s spirit. We have worked through and seen the first round of design concepts and are just giddy!!!!

Latex Clothing, NYC, New York City, Tourism, Travel, U.S., USA, United States, customThis is where you all come in…. As you can read, it is rewarding and great fun to create a unique ensemble, Every one, man or woman should indulge themselves and do this!!!! The joy of it all is not only creating something which is truly yours, but sharing it and encouraging all to live the fun. I encourage you all to read and take a look and to go create your own unique visions and turn them into realities as Jez did. I can think of no better way to celebrate her life than to continue to encourage others to create :). it is easier than you think!..

And this is where The Baroness and her team come in. With the permission of The Baroness and others of course, I will share the progress of this ensemble here to encourage and let you all see just how fun and rewarding this can be. Ever patient, detailed, creative with mfg approach and design. I can never thank her and all enough for the reality from dreams you make!

Happy holidays to all! Tiger

Here’s Jezebel wearing Prince Pants and Lana Turner Top with a custom-designed jacket which features 3 detachable collars for every mood!

Jezebel rocks The Baroness’ latex Two-Tone Halter Dress accessorized with our Military Envelope Hat for that authoritarian look!

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