Custom Latex Swiss Guard Outfit

This custom latex Swiss Guard outfit was another  couture order for Tiger, worn at the 2012 Texas Latex Party.  It was a real challenge figuring out stripe ratios and getting the perfect fit, particularly as he could not make it to New York and all fittings were all done by email. What I’m particularly pleased with is the fit of the spats!  The jacket is flatlined and the stripes on the sleeves and pants are loose.

Baroness Custom Couture Latex Baroness Custom Couture Latex

Photos by “Kindred’s Muze”

Thanks for kind words, Tiger:

“A true original creation by the Baroness and her team. I came to her with this crazy idea for a themed set of outfits for a dear friend and I. The manifestation and creativity which resulted speaks for itself. A true original and unique set of outfits which are so very fun to wear.

I encourage you to consider this very great capacity of the Baroness to create designs and items which stand a apart. Basics are fine but to truly have the fun and to really make your own mark, do reach out to the Baroness on how to make real the dreams and fantasies you have 🙂

Thank you so every much Baroness!!”

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