Pole Dance In Latex!

Caroline proves that The Baroness latex looks fabulous from any angle, as she does!!

She’s wearing our new leotard (long sleeves—coming soon to our catalog), and an Elizabethan Top with French Cut Briefs.

Photos by Don Curry

Latex Elvis!

Brent, an old friend and long-time customer, commissioned us to make him a latex Elvis outfit for a Rockabilly convention in Las Vegas. He loved it so much he’s commissioned a second outfit in black!

Brent stopped by the studio so we could take some more photos. Thanks Brent!

The Breitling as Cardinal for TLP

This year for The Texas Latex party I was heavenly inspired! I had a vision of “Breitling as a Cardinal and he in return threw down the gauntlet to me, to be Mother Superior! Superior I am, so that was easily done and allowed me to be crafty with my rubber tubing yoke, beaded belt, and exceptionally tall headwear. It’s surprising just how many “confessions” we listened to that night!

The Breitling Collection

We thank The Breitling for his enthusiastic patronage and kind words!

Only Fetlife members will be able to see his links, so we’ve added a few photos for the rest of you.

“Good Designers are hard to come by… Good designers who understand the mechanics of manufacturing are even more rare. The Baroness brings forth the combination of these with flair, fashion, excellent quality, and certainly creativity like few others. Over the years myself and my friends have had the distinct pleasure of wearing a multitude of garments she has manifested from designs I have rendered to her for manufacture. What I will link her are visuals of the manifestations of these designs. Never, never enough thanks to Baroness and her team for all of their patience, great quality, and love!

“I encourage all to let your creative juices flow and to really go for it and to reach to her to create your next designs!!!!!”





Custom Couture Latex, Latex clothes, couture, custom, latex clothing



Custom Latex Swiss Guard UniformTHE SWISS GUARD Ensemble




Latex clothes, Manhattan, NYC, New York City, U.S., USA, United States, custom, latex clothingTHE TEASER


Custom Latex Prom DressTHE PROM DRESS







A fabulous suit…we need photos!




Body Bag Dreams

These thoughts on our “sleep sack” (Body Bag) were submitted by PaintedReality. We added our own photos to accompany his words.

Latex and bondage go hand-in-hand for a latex and bondage fetishist as myself. As a latex fetishist, I love being covered head-to-toe in latex. As a bondage enthusiast, I love to be immobilized completely. When I am bound in latex, I have to endure the arousal that builds from being bound in my favorite material, and I then become lost in subspace.

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“a wet dream for a bondage and latex enthusiast”

A latex sleepsack is a wet dream for a bondage and latex enthusiast. Your arms are bound in the internal sleeves of the latex sack that encapsulates you, and you cannot reach the zipper of the sleepsack to escape or reach your crotch to get relief. This drives a slave like you completely mad. The immobility and helplessness gives you a sense of submission, while added accessories like hoods and gas masks can make you feel dehumanized. Your top can also play games while you are in this submissive and objectified state. You can be subjected to almost anything: CBT, scent training, electrical play, tease & denial, or erotic hypnosis, just as examples. I personally love the idea of an eyeless hood being slipped over my head and being forced to listen to white noise or erotic hypnosis.

Latex Fetish Body Bag I was fortunate to visit New York City this summer and visit the Baroness. Her shop, on East 13th, is a small boutique where she shows off her designs and abilities. The designs range from dresses, tops, and corsettes to extremely restrictive bondage gear. Visiting the Baroness, however, was different experience from visiting other clothing boutiques because The Baroness told me about details that impacted play. Her knowledge of the construction and nature of latex was invaluable. She told me, for example, that her sleepsacks were slightly looser to avoid bones and joints from pressing together so that a slave could be kept in a sleepsack for long periods of time. As much as I love seeing images of people tightly bound in sleepsacks, I need the engrained submission that comes with being restrained in a sleepsack for longer periods of time. Hence, the Baroness can match you up with latex that leads to effective and fun play in ways that you really want and need.

Clothes, Custom Couture Latex, Fetish, Latex rubber fetish fashions clothing clothes, bizarre, body bag, clothes, clothing, fashions, latex, latex clothing, rubberA sleepsack may seem like a straightforward design, but The Baroness taught me that a latex sleepsack, like all latex items, have an impact on play because of their construction and the nature of the material. Tight rubber sleepsacks look erotic, but they force your joints to rub together until we can no longer concentrate on our submissive state. This is not ideal for slave training. I was also grateful that she could also speak about the history of D/s, how it has changed, and what can make it much more interesting. As The Baroness said, today’s fetishists are bewitched by sleek images of bound and polished tops and bottoms on Fetlife. While their pictures look incredible, they lack a description of how their designs actually impact play. This is where the Baroness stands out. She was wonderful to visit, talk to, and I would highly recommend visiting her.


Rachel Xaviera Breaking Hearts in Baroness Latex

Rachel Xaviera is breaking hearts in The Baroness’ black and red latex heart dress; and in our Lana Turner Top worn with a Short Tight Skirt, Stirrup Hose and custom sleeves. And she’s quite the sohpisticate in our Blue Ice Marilyn Monroe Top and matching Short Tight Skirt, held in place with an amethyst Cincher Belt

Personally I think rachel should get to work instead of just looking pretty in her Baroness latex outfits!

A Tribute to Jezebel

Tiger has presented me with some of my favorite creative challenges over the years, many of which we’ve shared here. In December he lost a friend and muse, Jezebel, to cancer. Here are some thoughts he shared on FetLife:

I am selfishly for a moment sharing in this season of giving to all who read this the gift of confidence, encouragement, and compliments. Over the many years, The Baroness has bestowed upon me a truly amazing amount of patience, encouragement and quality with the various designs I have brought to her to make into reality. Yet again she has agreed to take on yet another project which has come forth from the madness of my mind….

So….. Why share this with all of you.?…… My blossom jezebelblue, who recently passed, celebrated life despite cancer. She never backed off . Nothing gave her more joy then creating fantasy garment designs, getting them made by a great designer like The Baroness. and then sharing them and encouraging others to do the same. From the “fucking heart dress”  to the “feathered harlot“.

Custom Couture Latex, Latex Clothing, NYC, New York City, Tourism, Travel, U.S., USA, United StatesTo honor this spirit, The Baroness has kindly agreed to create a new unique “Edwardian dressage” ensemble for a dear mutual friend (Kalliope) to celebrate Jez’s spirit. We have worked through and seen the first round of design concepts and are just giddy!!!!

Latex Clothing, NYC, New York City, Tourism, Travel, U.S., USA, United States, customThis is where you all come in…. As you can read, it is rewarding and great fun to create a unique ensemble, Every one, man or woman should indulge themselves and do this!!!! The joy of it all is not only creating something which is truly yours, but sharing it and encouraging all to live the fun. I encourage you all to read and take a look and to go create your own unique visions and turn them into realities as Jez did. I can think of no better way to celebrate her life than to continue to encourage others to create :). it is easier than you think!..

And this is where The Baroness and her team come in. With the permission of The Baroness and others of course, I will share the progress of this ensemble here to encourage and let you all see just how fun and rewarding this can be. Ever patient, detailed, creative with mfg approach and design. I can never thank her and all enough for the reality from dreams you make!

Happy holidays to all! Tiger

Here’s Jezebel wearing Prince Pants and Lana Turner Top with a custom-designed jacket which features 3 detachable collars for every mood!

Jezebel rocks The Baroness’ latex Two-Tone Halter Dress accessorized with our Military Envelope Hat for that authoritarian look!

Birthday Latex!

Katarzyna sent us this photo of her in our black Lana Turner Top and Knickers and said “Best birthday outfit ever! Thank you guys for this fantastic addition to my latex collection!”. I love how they look like a leotard when worn together.
Latex Customer Photo