October Brings Overdressing-Friendly Weather and My Birthday!

With Halloween (my birthday) rapidly approaching, extravagant costumes and the juxtaposition of slippery latex and colorful feathers have become my current obsessions. Even the shop cats are sporting boas!

On Sunday at the R bar  here in New York, I presented a small latex flock of fashions entitled “Flights of Fancy” at the First Annual “Night of 1000 Feathers Ball”, hosted by King Vulcanus Lévi.

While on the subject of Halloween and latex costumes, the time is rapidly approaching, so if you have some fabulous idea you want created in latex, come to me soon so we can do our best work.

And speaking of Halloween (my birthday), I’ll be celebrating a little early (Saturday, Oct 27) at Sir William Welles’ party, Chronologie, at Lillies, 249 West 49th Street, NYC, dressed in latex, naturally.

Lillies’ is a fabulous bar/ restaurant with an amazingly ornate interior carried from an abandoned church in Ireland, and Sir Williams’ fabulously-attired guests nicely complement the interior design. There is no cover charge.

New photos

Besides a gallery of  “Flights of Fancy” mentioned above, we’ve added photos of the gorgeous Lady Wednesday to our online catalog, some featuring our brand new color, “blue ice”, available for a limited time only.

In The Media” includes a W Magazine photo featuring a Baroness latex top; Fingerless gloves and rubber Stirrup Hose in the September issue of InSTyle  magazine, and two stunning music videos (Adeline’s “Let Me Go” and Kelly Padrick’s “Clear”) that feature Baroness latex outfits.

And the Customer Photos section includes several new submissions, including a hot party photo from a customer in Japan.

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