Latex Fashion and Miss Rubber World 2012

I have been the Mistress of Ceremonies for the Miss Rubber World competition since its inception 6 years ago, and each year it gets better. For those unfamiliar with the contest, it takes place in New York City and is open to all female-identifying rubberists over the age of 21. There are not more than 10 contestants (this year there were 9), each vying for prizes from fetish designers world-wide. This year’s grand prize value came to $15,125.

Miss Rubber World MC

This year the festivities kicked off with the Shiny party hosted by Latex Nemesis, which took place in a small club with lots of lube!

By tradition I host an intimate meet-and-greet/ lubricated shopping cocktail party at my boutique for the judges, contestants, attendees, and latex lovers, with champagne, socializing, and shopping, helping those who haven’t yet the perfect outfit to get fitted out at a discount.

This is one of our busiest times of year, as we are commissioned for fabulous custom ensembles for both attendees (who know to dress to impress) and contestants, who not only must outdo themselves with each of their 3 costume changes but also the others vying for the title.

It’s an intimate gathering. This year, judge and Miss Rubber World 2008 winner Jean Bardot, Lovely Latex designer Brigitte More from Holland, international fetish models, Ophelia Overdose, fetish magazine tycoon Erik Von Gutenberg, contestants, friends and fellow fetishists all attended.

Judges at the 2012 Miss Rubber World Competition

The biggest improvement to Miss Rubber World this year was the location, moving from a club to the Affina Hotel in midtown. This change provided out-of-town attendees a central location, and created spontaneous before and after parties in guest suites. It also meant that there was light, and for the first time one could look across the room and actually see (in their correct color and fine detail ) the well-appointed crowd. And there was more entertainment: six latex designers (including The Baroness) presented short fashion shows during the breaks, so there was always something to hold your attention. This was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to see samples from designers around the globe each presenting our unique view and style back to back. There was Lovely Latex from Holland, Latex Nemesis from New Jersey, , me ( The Baroness) and Klawtex representing New York, Dawnamatrix from Boston, and Vital Vein came from Arizona.

Lady Wednesday in transparent dress leads Glenar in inflatable straight jacket

For my presentation the goal was to showcase the variety of both our designs and of our customers. The show included off-the-rack, custom, and bizarre bondage pieces, and featured men as well as women, along with a few T-girls! We opened with cosplay super heros Captain America and Silk Spector, then did some latex time travel with a shiny dandy in frockcoat, asscot, and top hat, accompanied by two ornately dressed Neo Victorian/steampunk ladies of the court. (I love in the videos how their floor-length latex gowns and trains move as they strut the catwalk!) Next up, a dramatic black and white polka dot ensemble from our Sophisti-cat line, cinched tightly with our new black and white striped waist cincher, followed by two T- girls in brilliant  yellow, hot pink, and amethyst wearing halters and ruffled knickers from our sizzling Chiquita line. For the finale our model wore a transparent Myrna Loy gown  (originally made for Lady Gaga’s infamous egg-encased entrance to last years Grammys) along with a matching Victorian collar (featured in her “Born this way” video) leading a gentleman encased in our “classic” transparent inflatable straight jacket!

The competition commences with all contestants on stage and introduced with a brief bio. This year’s contestants hailed from Los Angeles, New York, Rhode Island, Boston, Florida, Germany, and Scotland. After their first costume change change they return individually to answer a variety of  questions including:  What is your favorite latex item? What will you do as Miss Rubber World? Describe your first latex experience. If you had one piece of rubber gear to give someone what would it be?

Miss Rubber World 2012

One more change and they return for their fantasy/ fetish skit. Standout performances included 2 rubber cats, saucers of milk, and lots of grooming; Marilyn Monroe with a whip performing “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”; spinning bondage, ballet boots, slaves in hoods and cages, chains and corporal punishment,  dogs and a lion tamer!

After all that the judges (Xris SMack, party promoter and DJ, fetish models Jade Vixen and Jean Bardot, make-up artist and T-girl, Lady J,  latex designers Brigitte More and Klawdya Rothschild, and 2011 MRW winner Archean) tally their votes, the winners are announced, prizes and sash are awarded, and photos taken.

And the winners are: 1st Runner-Up: Lydia Lael2nd Runner-Up: Sophia Larou, and Miss Rubber World 2012: Kylie Marilyn! 

My thanks to all of the shiny contestants and everyone from judges, to dressers, to runners and attendees for making it an event to remember.

My photographer’s gallery is here, and here’s the official NY Miss Rubber World gallery for 2012.

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