Bitch-Slapped by Sandy!

12/16/12 update: While production continues, we will have to reconstruct our workshop floor, and so will be open by appointment only from Chrsistmas day through the New Year holiday.


With my birthday falling on Halloween, of course I had made a spectacular outfit (orange and black latex with appliquéd bats and a fabulous latex pumpkin hat), and great plans for the evening. Those plans did not include huddling in the dark under blankets with 6 cats to keep me warm; toasting my birthday with warm champagne; nor trying hard not to think about the flood in my lower-level workshop.

Sandy left nearly a foot of water in my workshop and we’ve spent the last week (without electricity until this weekend) scrubbing the place down and pulling up linoleum floor tiles.

Fortunately we prepared for the worst by moving all latex and accessories upstairs to the boutique before Sandy arrived. All of our stock and materials are pristine, and we are ready to hit the ground running as the basement shop dries out! Still…

I Need Your Help!

Please contribute to the The Baroness latex storm relief fund, by buying some latex! You can look good while doing good by buying Baroness latex NOW. Treat yourself (or shop early for holiday gifts) with a 20% discount!

Everything marked down 20% until November 23!

Shop now at my online store or visit my East Village boutique to get your discount and help us recover.

The boutique is located at 530 East 13th street, between Avenues A & B, and we are open 1-7 Monday through Saturday and 1-9 on Thursday. Please excuse any mess when you stop by—a lot of our supplies are still upstairs in the boutique.

If you can’t afford to buy, please help by spreading the word to your friends and mentioning this sale everywhere you can, online and off.

Thank you all in advance! And my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all those who have already given their support by helping at the shop, buying latex, and reaching out with concern!

I hope all of you are well and if you were in the storm’s path, that you are on your way back to pre-storm living conditions!

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