The End Of An Era: A Memorial For Lenny Waller, Guardian Of The Gates Of Hellfire

I dressed in simple, shiny, black latex, (it was a memorial, after all).  A memorial of an SM titan; guardian of the gates of Hellfire, a piece of history, of a bygone era, and a visible icon with his bald head, long beard, and ever present cigar.

Fittingly, it was held at Paddles (thanks to owner Michael) and it was packed with people who came to pay their respects; those who knew him well (Hellfire debauchees), and those who had only heard legends of the epic man. I recognized many, and noted that the old crowd were grayer, wider, and still playing, (so much for the young, hot, SM stereotype!)

People told tales of the old Hellfire days (we all had them. I was there almost every week, and made my home in the back room where it was narrow and long enough, with a single entrance, for my 8 foot bull whip. It became a little harder once he put a motorcycle in there).

Fortunately, his SM toys, photos, and history were saved and will be sent to the Leather Archives in Chicago. Anyone who wishes to add to that, please contact me.

Read more about Lenny here:

He will be missed!

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