Summer at The Domain

The Baroness' Fashion Show at Vivisection

Summer is usually a slow time in the latex business. The shop is quiet, other than the odd person stopping in to take advantage of the air conditioner, or to stroke the cats. But I’ve been keeping busy!

Some Baroness fashions appeared this week at “VIVISECTION” An intimate goth/industrial party at—of all places—Laugh Lounge! I couldn’t resist! The show combined classic elegant latex with bizarre rubber accessories and hot models!

I’ve also just come back from upstate New York, where I was filmed for an avant-garde Swedish TV feature. I played myself (an expert on BDSM) educating the actors of August Strindbergs’ play, Miss Julie, with the goal of changing the ending so the lead will not commit suicide. It was really interesting, and I’m eager to see the final product.

Ricky Martin Shirt

We were contacted to help with Macs’ Viva Glam campaign, for which we created custom garments for Ricky Martin & Nikki Minaj!

For Nikki Minaj we made white latex skirts, tops, and gowns with appliquéd red lips. They also pulled an assortment of other latex. I’m really looking forward to seeing the results.

Another stylist pulled for RuPaul and crew for both the show and some public appearances! I love dressing divas!

Saturday, August 6th: don’t miss my Summer Sale!

Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean you can’t shop! I’m having a huge one-day sale. All Baroness latex, along with sale garments, toys, vintage clothing, and shoes, are on sale at great prices. So come early and don’t miss the bargains! The Baroness boutique is located at 530 B East 13th street between Avenues A & B open from 2-7.

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