The Baroness' Royal Amusements

November 30, 1995 New York City

Royal indeed. And very amusing. Cucina Della Fontana, a cavernous Italian restaurant on a quiet street in Greenwich Village, never hosted anything like this before. While a few waiters were caught gawking, for the most part the staff was cool, the food was tasty, and the view was fabulous. The highlight of the dinner, a fashion show of sexy ladies sauntering down the spiral staircase and wandering among the tables, was a feast of color and shimmering highlights. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are a few snapshots of the rubber-clad models, starting with this beauty wearing The Baroness' long tight latex skirt, bolero jacket, and holding a short tight skirt. The hat with latex gloves is her own creation. Shine is wearing a red latex apron.

The Baroness herself, surrounded by her models...














And a fitting end to the dinner. Though she's not wearing The Baroness' clothing, we couldn't resist this one...

  We did not allow photography of the guests, for their privacy. After dinner the well-dressed crowd moved to the Hellfire Club, where at least one lengthy scene involving 2 submissives and 3 dominants with a variety of disciplinary tools went on for almost an hour. No photos from the Hellfire club are available ...sorry.


This Royal Amusements was the first of an annual series intended to entice fetishists of all persuasions, as well as those who simply love to dress, to an evening of food & drink, fashion & fun. For scenes from the 2nd Royal Amusements (1996), Click Here

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