The Baroness’ Frequenty-Asked Questions

The Baroness, featured on HBO's Real Sex
About Me

Who is the Baroness?

The Baroness is New York’s premier designer of elegant and provocative latex fashions since 1994.

Is The Baroness available for appearances and lectures?

I am available for interviews, fashion shows, and lectures on clothing and power, latex and fetishes. It is usually best to book way in advance so everything can be prepared and a new outfit made (and to ensure that I am available).

Will you be appearing anywhere soon?

Most of my major appearances will be listed on my calendar of events.

You can also get on my E-mail list, by entering your Email address on the form at the bottom of my Home Page. Subscribers receive information about my appearances, as well as notification whenever my web site is updated, subscriber-only discounts and special offers, and general information for those interested in fetishes, clothing, and “the scene” in the New York area.

Web Site

I am having a problem accessing part of your site, or some of your photos are not appearing correctly. Is there a problem?

Our site continues to grow and we cannot prevent occasional errors, and are most grateful to anyone who points out problems that need our attention. Please be sure to hit “refresh” first, to make sure you’re seeing the most recent version of the page. If the problem persists, please visit our contact page and notify the WebCzar.

Is this an adult site?

Yes and No. It contains no depictions of nudity or explicit sex. Its emphasis is on the pleasure of latex clothing.

However, some very restrictive communities may find any reference to fetishes, sadomasochism, or dominance & submission objectionable, and we do not recommend our site to anyone with such views, or to anyone under legal age.

Product Line

Can you tell me about your line?

My Elegant and Provocative Latex Fashions range from sophisticated and formal to casual and devious. For a summary of the line, click here.

How are your Garments Constructed?

The Baroness’ latex is a little heavier than a lot of others on the market: .45/.50 weight. I have chosen this not only because it is more durable but it also has enough weight to hug the body in the right places, provide a wonderful drape and make the sound of distant thunder as I walk. Our seams are all glued for a clean, almost invisible seam, and all stress points are reinforced with rivets. I personally inspect every garment before shipping.

Some manufacturers use molds, which work well for gloves, but the process can result in uneven thickness, and is limited to use in simple designs.

Others actually stitch sheet latex together with a piece of tape between layers. The downside to this method is that the tape cannot stretch with the latex. Along with the extra layer and stitches, this adds distortion and prominence to seams.

Do you make clothing for men?

Yes. We have probably the most extensive latex men’s line anywhere, from tops and bottoms to formal wear. All are available in our variety of colors (see swatches on product pages). For men the most common choices are black, amethyst, and red.

If you are interested in something not shown in our catalogue, please contact us.

Do you make clothing for Cross-Dressers?

I hate to see a poorly-dressed man trying to pass as a woman. This is definitely an area in which my expertise can be of great help. Consequently, a lot of cross-dressers come to us.

Not all of my designs need to be customized in order to be worn by men. For example, men in skirts often look truly incredible. However, since men are broader through the shoulders and longer from neck to waist, tops, jackets, and dresses usually require special fittings, particularly if the men are tall or muscular. If foundation garments are worn, they need to be brought in to the fittings. If you have questions it is best to call and have someone help you with your purchase.

Do you Make Cat suits?

The Baroness’  line does not include Cat Suits. The starting price for a custom-made cat suit is $800, depending on the design. For a proper fit in a cat suit, I believe it should always be custom-made, since too often they’re either too long or too short in the torso. I usually encourage separates like leggings and a top—like my catwoman top —in place of a cat suit. Not only are they cheaper, they are also more versatile.

Do you make gloves or stockings?

Both gloves and stockings are made by a completely different process than I use to execute my designs. Gloves and stockings are molded, and I prefer to work with glued seams. I feel that the sheet latex and glued seams are better tools for my vision. However, I sometimes carry latex gloves & stockings made for us. Check our Latex Accessories page to see what’s currently available.

Do you make bondage gear?

My line does not include conventional bondage gear, but we have some unique original garments that confine and restrict in very interesting ways, and my “Sucky Bed“, which attaches to a vacuum cleaner and completely immobilizes the person inside, who breathes through a tube. It’s the ultimate toy for someone with a fetish for latex and total body restraint It hugs every inch of your body at once. You may have seen me demonstrating this on HBO’s Real Sex.

If you haven’t seen them, check out our beautiful Latex Inflatable Straight Jackets, and Body Bags.

Do you make hoods?

Yes. We sell two styles of Latex Hoods.

Do you deal with adult baby clothes?

These would be considered custom couture—please contact us for a consultation.

Do you do any leather?

No. We design and sell rubber and latex, period. We do not sell PVC, vinyl, neoprene or leather. But we can make recommendations if you tell us what you are looking for.

What’s the Difference between Rubber and Latex?

Often these two words are used interchangeably. I make a distinction because we carry both. However, most people prefer latex, which is thinner and more pliable. I use rubber mainly for its sculptural qualities in a few designs, mainly corsets.

Rubber is available only in black. We carry latex garments in a variety of colors (see swatches on product pages.

Sizes and Colors

What colors do you offer?

A few of my heavier, sturdier garments such as corsets and some skirts and aprons are made of rubber, which is available only in black. Everything else is available in my full line of (usually) six colors. A few garments are available in an extended choice of special colors. See the swatch on individual product pages for the colors available.

What sizes are available?

Most of my garments are available in the usual XS-XL sizes for men and women. This chart of measurements and corresponding sizes should help you decide which is right for you. Keep in mind that latex garments have a generous stretch.

The chart also indicates measurements for Queen sizes 1X & 2X. See our selection of garments available in Queen Sizes.

Gift Certificates

Do you sell gift certificates?

Gift certificates make a great gift when you wish to surprise someone with a beautiful latex garment without taking responsibility for the selection, size or color.

We sell both physical gift certificates which can be presented in person and redeemed at my NYC boutique, and online gift certificates to be delivered instantly via eMail and redeemed through my online store.

To purchase a printed gift certificate, visit my boutique or contact us. Online gift certificates are available anytime, here.

I recieved a Baroness Gift Certificate. How do I redeem it?

View our full instructions for redeeming your electronic gift certificate.

Physical (printed) gift certificates must be redeemed in person at our NYC boutique.

If you prefer not to order online, please contact us for alternatives.


Are your garments guaranteed?

Our garments are guaranteed for life. Read the details of my guarantee.

Do you allow exchanges?

Should you discover you’ve ordered the wrong size or color, simply contact us for an authorization number and return it within 2 weeks of receipt. We will exchange it or extend store credit…no questions asked.

How about Returns?

In order to provide a wide range of colors and styles, most of our unique garments are made to order. Therefore, we do not accept returns.


I want to use a credit card, but not online, even though you have a secure server. Is that possible?

Yes. Contact us during regular business hours to place your order directly.

Can I purchase something without a credit card?

Yes. Contact us during regular business hours to place your order and discuss payment options.


When will my order be shipped?

Due to the variety of colors we offer and the fact that all our garments are made by hand, most items are made to order, and are shipped in 2 to 3 weeks. If ordering online, you will receive a confirmation email with an estimated shipping date within a day or two of placing your order.

Can I get it faster?

Yes. If you want your garments sooner than the normal 2 to 3 weeks, we can usually turn them around in a few days for a rush fee of $25 per garment, depending on our production schedule. Please contact us after placing your order for expedited service.

Do you ship discretely?

All retail orders are shipped in plain packaging or priority mail envelopes, with only a return address (no logo) on the package. Our business name is not displayed anywhere on your package, except on wholesale and foreign shipments.

How are orders shipped?

Orders are shipped US Priority Mail or UPS. We can ship Federal Express for an extra fee.

How much is the shipping?

View our current shipping details.


Do you do custom orders?

Yes, depending on how busy we are.

A wild idea, an impossible mission, that special outfit! The Baroness is quite capable of executing almost any design idea. Please be aware that a custom creation usually requires at least 3 fittings here at the studio. (A fee is required for all appointments, and by the third appointment the design must be paid in full.)

The starting price for a custom order is $750. We cannot give an exact price until we know just what the customer is talking about, how much work it will entail, and how much latex is involved.

Here’s how the custom process works: On the first visit, a customer comes to my studio with a photo, an idea, wild ravings or a sketch (no matter how crude). Together we discuss the design, and I do a few sketches to clarify the concept. The customer tries on some of my designs to get a better understanding of style and fit. On the second visit, the customer comes in to be fitted in their garment. The third visit is usually the final visit. At this point the design is finished.

Often we are too busy to take on custom projects. However, when we do, at least 3-4 weeks must be allowed for completion, often longer.

Do you do alterations?

Most anything purchased from The Baroness line can be altered when necessary. I want my designs to be flattering and fabulous on each and every customer.

The cost of minor alterations can range from free to $75 dollars. Alterations are usually done quickly, involving one fitting.

Do you repair latex garments?

Should you have a latex garment in need of repair (and not just ours) please refer to our Taking Care of Latex page for guidance, or you can send it to us for the professional touch. Repair prices can vary but all work starts at $40 per garment.


I own a fetish/fashion store. Can I get a catalogue & dealers’ information kit?

If you would like to carry The Baroness’ Elegant, Provocative Latex Fashions in your physical store, please contact us.


Where are you located and what are your hours?

Come visit us at my New York Boutique:

The Baroness
530B East 13th Street
New York, NY 10009 USA

Our current business hours are listed here.


Do you sell photographic prints?

Yes we do. Almost any studio photo you see anywhere on this site can be purchased as a custom, archival fine-art poster up to 40×60.

Standard photographic “C-prints” up to 20×30 are also available. Prices start as low as $10 for a 4×6 printed by the photographer. For more information and prices, Send a message to the Photographer/WebCzar. It is helpful if you can include the file name of the photo you are interested in, or at least on what page you saw it.

Can I use one of your photos for commercial use?

My photographer owns the rights to all the photos on my web site except for a handful of candid performance photos and special catalog images which are otherwise credited. You are welcome to enjoy them as you wish for personal use. But they are all copyrighted and may not be reproduced or used in any commercial way without permission.

For dealers carrying my line, we can make available high-res scans for print advertisements featuring my garments only, at no charge. Such ads must carry my logo, my photographer’s credit line, and a comp must be sent to us for approval before publication.

For any other commercial purpose, licensing fees start as low as $100 per photo, depending on the size and distribution of the print ad, or the placement and length of time on a web site.

If you would like a quote, please Send an email to the Photographer/Webczar, providing the following information:

For print ads:

  • The size (1/4 page, 1/2 page, etc.) of the ad
  • The approximate circulation of the publication(s)
  • Brief description of product/service being advertised
  • Number of times you want to run the ad.

For web sites:

  • Intended size of photo
  • URL of web page & brief description
  • Duration (6 months, 1 year, etc.)

Can I put your photos on my web site?

If your web site is commercial in nature, with either subscription fees or products/services for sale, please see “Can I use one of your photos for commercial use?” above.

If your site is not commercial in nature, and you are willing to adhere to the following simple guidelines, then you have my photographer’s (Mark McQueen) permission to use any photos you find on

  • Please create a live link from the photo(s) to
  • Please do not crop, resize, or otherwise edit the photos.
  • We would appreciate credit: Latex by The Baroness

If these simple conditions are acceptable, you may either copy the photos to your server, or simply create links to the files.

Can I download and print your photos?

Yes, as long as they are for your personal enjoyment only. Bear in mind that images compressed for the Internet will never reproduce very well on paper. See “Do you sell photographic prints?” above for information on exquisite reproductions from the originals, in any size.


Do you use models?

Yes we do. And we are always looking for new ones, both male & female. If you are interested, send a photo (it doesn’t have to be professional) with all of your information, such as name, sizes, coloring to:

The Baroness
530B East 13th Street

New York, NY 10009

Or send scanned images and info to The Baroness. We will keep your name in our files for either fashion shows, performances and/or photo shoots. We are also interested in working with new hair and make-up people.

Can I meet one of your models?

Probably not. We do not give out any personal information directly. But under some circumstances we will forward your contact information to them and they will decide whether or not to respond.

Contacting Us

How can I contact you or your webCzar?

Complete and up-to-date contact information is always available here.