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Latex Elvis at FetCon 2016

Wearing his latest Baroness custom latex Elvis outfit, Brent did an amazing 15-minute Elvis onstage at FetishCon 2016, along with the fabulous Jean Bardot and a supporting cast of latex lovelies. Watch the full show here (thanks Quinn!)

Scenes from my fashion show, “The Carnival of Lost Souls Collection”, at Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015.

Video provided by Candace Chartrand, Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015

Brief video by LatexEnvy

Photos by Matta.


Photos by Blanche

I showed a collection of new latex designs and colors for Spring at the New York Rubber Ball, where I also MC’ed the Miss Rubber World 2013 competition.

Latex and Feathers at Night of 1000 Feathers: my Latex Fashion Show was called “Flights of Fantasy“.


My Custom Latex Superhero fashion show (plus a spandex Spiderman) at the SMack! party Saturday night.

Latex Clothing

The Baroness' Fashion Show at Dorian's Parlor

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