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Custom Latex Dress
Jezebel is wearing this Baroness custom latex creation at Florida’s Fetish Factory Party. Creating this was definitely a challenge.
We also took some photos on the mannequin just before shipping it out, for detail.
Custom Latex DressCustom Latex Dress



Custom Latex Dress

Latex Tart Dress

Mistress Adrienne dressed in The Baroness’ latex Tart Dress, and wears it well, I must say!

Katarzyna sent us this photo of her in our black Lana Turner Top and Knickers and said “Best birthday outfit ever! Thank you guys for this fantastic addition to my latex collection!”. I love how they look like a leotard when worn together.
Latex Customer Photo

The luscious GoGo came to New York for Comic Con and wore our custom Latex Tardis Outfit from Dr. Who. She appeared in the Village Voice.

The Gorgeous Elise from Pandora’s Box cuts a very striking figure in The Baroness’ Latex Knickers and Marilyn Monroe top in ruby red.

Mistress Dante Posh Judges!

Mistress Dante Posh Judges!

I designed these┬ácustom period knickers as part of Mistress Dante’s outfit as judge at the 2014 Mermaid Parade at Coney Island.

latex blndfold/sleep maskAbout her new latex sleep mask (aka blindfold), Hitomi writes: “I love that black mask. I want purple next.”

Custom Latex TopThis rubber lover came all the way from San Francisco for his unique custom latex! As San Francisco is know for its changeable weather I thought the long sleeves were very practical!

In his original design concept the collar and top were one garment but I recommended that the top and collar be separates for more versatility.