Customer Photos

latex blndfold/sleep maskAbout her new latex sleep mask (aka blindfold), Hitomi writes: “I love that black mask. I want purple next.”

Custom Latex TopThis rubber lover came all the way from San Francisco for his unique custom latex! As San Francisco is know for its changeable weather I thought the long sleeves were very practical!

In his original design concept the collar and top were one garment but I recommended that the top and collar be separates for more versatility.

Baroness Latex at TLP

People travel from all over the U.S. and dress to impress at the Texas Latex Party

Taken by a customer during her first time at the Texas Latex Party. She’s wearing our Big Valley Skirt, accessorized with a customized Waist Cincher and Buccaneer Opera Mitts in Silver.

“I received the shipment and the pieces are lovely!!!! The outfit was a hit! And I met many of your admirers. :)

I helped Haley Chopich with her senior project in fashion design at Parsons, working with her to improve and realize her vision.

Haley writes: “I just wanted to thank you again for all the work you did for me and thank you so much for showing me better alternatives to my designs. I am so happy with the results! Everything looks great and fits great! Love it all! Here are some fit photos with my model.”

Latex Sleeveless T-Shirt for menReady to prowl with my latex vest designed to fit by ‘s finest latex couturier .

This is our popular Men’s Sleevless zip-Front T-Shirt


Custom Latex Alien Dress

Jezebel wore this custom space suit dress for the Texas Latex Party’s Alien theme.

This shooting was done in a private dungeon by European Photographer Luís Rocha dos Reis, owner and mentor of TheBlackSheep Group, during his last trip to NYC. Shot for TheBlackSheep’s portfolio, the images were released on Valentine’s Day.

Model Eva is wearing the Heart Dress

Custom Latex

Tiger and Jezebel modeling a pair of their custom creations from The Baroness. Although not designed to be shown together, they match nicely.