Customer Photos

Latex Sleeveless T-Shirt for menReady to prowl with my latex vest designed to fit by ‘s finest latex couturier .

This is our popular Men’s Sleevless zip-Front T-Shirt


This shooting was done in a private dungeon by European Photographer Luís Rocha dos Reis, owner and mentor of TheBlackSheep Group, during his last trip to NYC. Shot for TheBlackSheep’s portfolio, the images were released on Valentine’s Day.

Model Eva is wearing the Heart Dress

Hitomi says “I really like your latex on stage!”

We do too. And Hitomi, you look great!

Hitomi in Latex

Pefforming in our Chiquita top

Hitomi wears Latex on stage

on stage with The Stumblebums

custom latex dress & cape

Lilly looking fabulous in a custom Femme Fatale Dress with matching cape and Opera-Length Mitts in Eggplant and Blue Ice. And the shoes look great!custom latex dress & cape

Mistress Diana in Red Latex

Mistress Diana sent us this photo of her in our Latex Halter Top and Latex French Cut Briefs and said “I recently stopped by your shop for the first time and fell in love with the dark red latex. These two pieces are the start of a new collection. The staff was great as well and pulled a number of styles and sizes ahead of time so I had plenty of options.
I’m usually into leather but this may change things!”

We hope so. You look great!

July lives in Paris, where she’s sporting the Latex Chiquita Top and Latex Chiquita Skirt, with our Latex Mitts with Bows (available at our boutique) and a corset (not ours). She wore this to the Montreal Fetish Weekend. Also on FetLife.

Latex Top and Skirt


latex top and skirt

A custom latex Misato Katsuragi outfit for Comic Con

Custom Latex Misato Katsuragi Outfit for Comic ConCustom Latex Misato Katsuragi Outfit

Latex Magdeleine Dress

Can you do this?

We’ve decided to name this the “Magdeleine Tart Dress“, after seeing Magdeleine wearing it.

Amy Brogna Baione Photography captured Magdeleiene in her new latex dress. Hold that pose. And that pole.

Latex Dress