Customer Photos

We made Brent two latex Elvis outfits: one in white (which was the hit of my FetCon fashion show), and this one in black. Elvis was a hit at The Vancouver Fetish weekend.

Latex Elvis Outfit

Hot Pink Latex with polka dotsBastet Model looking hot in our polka-dot chiquita top and knickers. Perfect for the beach, carnival, burlesque performance or to just wow your friends (As she obviously did!)

Latex Bodice Corset, Opera Mitts & LeggingsDiary girl D came into the shop for her first pieces of latex and strutted out looking fabulous! She chose our bodice corset, opera mitts and leggings all in black for that “i’m going to f**k you up! Domme look.

Latex Elizabethan top & rubber micro skirtWe originally sold this pink and black triple X Elizabethan top and micro skirt to Lady Felines’ husband—that was until she decided she looked better in them than he did!

DJ Betty Bizarre is a well-known Germany fetish model who has appeared in Marquis Magazine. We finally got to know each other in person recently, which was such a delight!

We had the pleasure of fitting her in a Femme Fatale Dress (left, custom color) and a ruby Lana Turner Dress in the boutique recently. Then she posted this great photo on Facebook…

DJ Betty Bizarre in Baroness latex dress

Betty Bizarre at The Baroness' NYC boutique

Betty Bizarre in Femme Fatale Dress

Betty Bizarre in Baroness Latex

Betty Bizarre in Lana Turner Dress


Caroline proves that The Baroness latex looks fabulous from any angle, as she does!!

She’s wearing our new leotard (long sleeves—coming soon to our catalog), and an Elizabethan Top with French Cut Briefs.

Photos by Don Curry

Brent, an old friend and long-time customer, commissioned us to make him a latex Elvis outfit for a Rockabilly convention in Las Vegas. He loved it so much he’s commissioned a second outfit in black!

Brent stopped by the studio so we could take some more photos. Thanks Brent!

This year for The Texas Latex party I was heavenly inspired! I had a vision of “Breitling as a Cardinal and he in return threw down the gauntlet to me, to be Mother Superior! Superior I am, so that was easily done and allowed me to be crafty with my rubber tubing yoke, beaded belt, and exceptionally tall headwear. It’s surprising just how many “confessions” we listened to that night!

We thank The Breitling for his enthusiastic patronage and kind words!

Only Fetlife members will be able to see his links, so we’ve added a few photos for the rest of you.

“Good Designers are hard to come by… Good designers who understand the mechanics of manufacturing are even more rare. The Baroness brings forth the combination of these with flair, fashion, excellent quality, and certainly creativity like few others. Over the years myself and my friends have had the distinct pleasure of wearing a multitude of garments she has manifested from designs I have rendered to her for manufacture. What I will link her are visuals of the manifestations of these designs. Never, never enough thanks to Baroness and her team for all of their patience, great quality, and love!

“I encourage all to let your creative juices flow and to really go for it and to reach to her to create your next designs!!!!!”



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Custom Latex Swiss Guard UniformTHE SWISS GUARD Ensemble


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Custom Latex Prom DressTHE PROM DRESS




A fabulous suit…we need photos!