Custom Latex Clothing

Twitter Photo: @saeborg

Twitter Photo: @saeborg

For many in the fetish world The Montreal Fetish Weekend is the traditional end of summer, a 4 day event where attendees from all over the world take to the streets to flaunt and model their finest of fetish attire.

So it was there that I went, slave and assistant in tow (literally) to debut “The Maw”: over 40 yards of luscious black latex draped, tucked and manipulated, creating a combination art piece, social experiment and—for me personally—a bizarre rubber session of my dreams.

The dictionary defines the word Maw as “The mouth, throat, or gullet of an animal, especially a carnivorous mammal; a cavernous opening; a symbolic or theoretical center of a voracious hunger or appetite of any kind; the stomach, especially that of an animal.”

Twitter photo by @Domina_Elle

Twitter photo by @Domina_Elle

The name was more than appropriate, as for one month I was consumed by The Maw…toiling by day and dreaming of it by night. I have mulled over this bizarre rubber creation for some time, waiting the right stage for its debut.

Once we arrived at the hotel, the plan was to always be in the maw, attached and rubbery, as we let the mood of the beast flow through us. Much of the time was spent in the hotel documenting our process in videos and stills. testing its and our limits and enjoying the suite’s spacious bathroom (where we discovered, amongst over things, that three people in a maw can fit into a shower. However, it is impossible to move.)

The Maw had moods of its own. The first night we positioned ourselves in the hotel lobby, motionless and silent for 3 hours, watching the hotel guests’ reactions, which ranged from disbelief to studied cool. As we proceeded through the streets, photos were taken and questions asked and The Maw received applause and a standing ovation.

In the pool we spread out amongst the colorful balloons, floating like an oil slick on the Maw’s inflated bumps and curves. At the club we danced and encircled and consumed surprised guests in our rubbery clutches.

Since returning home a gallery has expressed interest in exhibiting The Maw, and we plan to take it for a stroll down 5th Avenue at rush hour, just to create a scene (and photos).

If you have 3d Glasses, check out these views of The Maw in Montreal from View-Master 3d Studios: The Maw in 3d, The Maw in 3d, The Maw in 3dThe Maw in 3dThe Maw in 3d

photo: @Domina_Elle

photo: @Domina_Elle

Twitter Photo: @Domina_Elle

Twitter Photo: @Domina_Elle

The Latex Maw -custom Latex by The Baroness

Twitter photo by @Domina_Elle

The Maw

Facebook Photo by Michel Laloux

Facebook photo by Michel Laloux

Facebook photo by Michel Laloux

Mistress Dante Posh Judges!

Mistress Dante Posh Judges!

I designed these custom period knickers as part of Mistress Dante’s outfit as judge at the 2014 Mermaid Parade at Coney Island.

The band Angelspit’s newest release for the single “Pretty Dead Boys”. The amazing Mistress Dante Posh is wearing latex designed by The Baroness, along with others from her personal collection.

Pretty Dead Boys from Brainwomb on Vimeo.

Endless Night Vixens in custom Latex Vampire Dresses

Created for Father Sebastiaan’s Endless Night Vixen

This dress is a custom variation of the Tart dress created for Father Sebastiaan‘s Endless Night vixens. The perfect dress for messy, thirsty, and sexy vampires as any blood spilled easily wipes off!  If that describes you, contact us for price.


custom latex dress & cape

Lilly looking fabulous in a custom Femme Fatale Dress with matching cape and Opera-Length Mitts in Eggplant and Blue Ice. And the shoes look great!custom latex dress & cape

A custom latex Misato Katsuragi outfit for Comic Con

Custom Latex Misato Katsuragi Outfit for Comic ConCustom Latex Misato Katsuragi Outfit

Custom Latex New York City

Custom Latex Matador Outfit

This custom latex Matador outfit was made for Tiger to wear at The Texas Latex party in 2011, where I am proud to say he took home the award for best dressed latex male.

To make the the silver really stand out I bought fabric with silver designs which I cut out, treated, laid out artistically, and then finally glued in place.
The Texas Latex party is one of the best places for fabulous outfits and lots of fashion SM (the stand and model variation)An old photo we somehow neglected to include before.

Custom Latex Clothing in New York City

Custom Latex Superheroin: Ms Marvel

Mizz Jupiter looks downright marvelous in her Custom Latex Ms Marvel Top

Photo credit right:, below: Danny Chen (at New York Comic Con 2012)

Custom Latex Superheroine Outfit

Custom Latex Ms Marvel