Custom Latex Clothing

Katy Perry appeared on Saturday Night Live wearing a custom version (sleeveless) of our Bond Girl Latex Leotard in white for her performance of “Bon Appétit”.

Latex Elvis at FetCon 2016

Wearing his latest Baroness custom latex Elvis outfit, Brent did an amazing 15-minute Elvis onstage at FetishCon 2016, along with the fabulous Jean Bardot and a supporting cast of latex lovelies. Watch the full show here (thanks Quinn!)

We made Brent two latex Elvis outfits: one in white (which was the hit of my FetCon fashion show), and this one in black. Elvis was a hit at The Vancouver Fetish weekend.

Latex Elvis Outfit

Brent commissioned us to make him a latex Elvis outfit for a Rockabilly convention in Las Vegas (more photos here. We look forward to working on the black version!

Beyonce’s Givenchy dress, altered to fit by The Baroness for the 2016 Met Gala

New York’s premiere designer/manufacturer of Latex Clothing, The Baroness, was consulted to fit Beyonce’s famous Givenchy latex dress for the 2016 Met Gala, the NYC fashion event of the year.

And, keeping it in the family, we also created lemon-yellow stirrup hose for Beyonce’s sister Solange, for the same event.

My friend Jonathan has very singular tastes, and we were eager to accommodate his signature style in our latest custom design: the Jonathan Suit! The lovely model Sarah Villegas co-stars in our Tart Dress, in custom translucent green.


Solange (Beyonce’s sister), wearing our “Lemonade Yellow” stirrup hose on the red carpet at the Met GalaCustom Latex Leggings at the Met Gala

This year for The Texas Latex party I was heavenly inspired! I had a vision of “Breitling as a Cardinal and he in return threw down the gauntlet to me, to be Mother Superior! Superior I am, so that was easily done and allowed me to be crafty with my rubber tubing yoke, beaded belt, and exceptionally tall headwear. It’s surprising just how many “confessions” we listened to that night!

I was delighted to be a part of my close friends’ Lena and Casper’s wedding. We collaborated on the design of Lena’s versatile ensemble. The bouquet as a hair piece was a surprise inspiration.