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Katy Perry appeared on Saturday Night Live wearing a custom version (sleeveless) of our Bond Girl Latex Leotard in white for her performance of “Bon Appétit”.

I had a great chat with perJennifer for her perNYC podcast recently, where we discussed how my creation (The Baroness Latex business) is a part of New York City. Available now through iTunes here or for Android devices here. Just look for “The Baroness” on April 10.


It’s always madness when Beyonce’s stylist calls for 20-30 sets of latex for her back up dancers. But it’s wonderful to see our latex on stage!

We got to see some of our yellow knickers at her concert at the MetLife Arena

We got to see some of our yellow knickers at her concert at the MetLife Arena

Benycoé's dancers wearing multiple Baroness accessories

This photo is from the Music Video Awards.

Beyonce’s dancers wearing our Latex Knickers in white for her most recent tour.

I was delighted to  be Givenchy’s go-to latex person in New York to fit and alter Beyonce’s latex gown for New York’s party of the year at The Met GalaBeyonce's Dancers wearing The Baroness' Latex Knickers in White



Beyonce’s Givenchy dress, altered to fit by The Baroness for the 2016 Met Gala

New York’s premiere designer/manufacturer of Latex Clothing, The Baroness, was consulted to fit Beyonce’s famous Givenchy latex dress for the 2016 Met Gala, the NYC fashion event of the year.

And, keeping it in the family, we also created lemon-yellow stirrup hose for Beyonce’s sister Solange, for the same event.

I couldn’t have written a better title myself. (“Meet the Latex Legend Who Fit Beyonce’s Met Gala Gown”)

Read the full article here.

Kristin Kontrol sports our Latex Leggings on the cover of her new album (released yesterday), X-Communicate

Formerly De Dee of the Dum Dum girls, Kristin is a long-time wearer of Baroness Latex!
Kristin Kontrol (X-Communicate) in Baroness Latex Leggings

“Wrong Victory”, from MS MR’s new album “How Does it Feel”, features several Baroness Latex pieces in both Ruby Red and Blue: Leggings, Catwoman Tops, and Open-Face hoods

This ominously mysterious video short features our Halter Tops and Micro Skirts in transparent latex.